Section 4: Partnering with our planet

Great-West Financial and Empower are committed to reducing our 1,439 cubic yards of landfill space environmental footprint. We’ve worked hard to waste less and conserve more since 2010. Our efforts include:


  • Replaced workstation trash containers with joint recycle and waste containers
  • Introduced a compactor that recycles paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, steel and plastic


  • Added compost containers beside recycle and trash bins in each kitchen
  • Arranged for a recycler to convert office-generated compost into compost that’s sold retail

Cafeteria and company store

  • Eliminated Styrofoam containers
  • Replaced disposable place settings with reusable settings for on-site dining
  • Provided reusable to-go containers for associates who eat at their desk

We’ve seen how small changes like composting food and participating in deskside recycling can add up to big changes.

For example, in 2014, the company’s metro Denver headquarters achieved some remarkable results: